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    RES Crayon Resource for Mi band 6 | v52

    Hi guys, it's been a year.... Recently created a resource out of an icon pack I'm using on my phone for myself. Just thought I'd share it with you guys too since there aren't many resources for mi band 6 available yet. Note: This thread might get updates since mi band 6 is the one I'm using...

    RES Lux Dark | v93/v96 (BETA)

    Hey, how's it going? I'm currently working on a resource pack. It's probably going to be the best resource pack I've ever made for mi band 4. So, I decided why not publish the beta version and get some feedback from you guys. So, here we go... A lot of the animations were taken from the York...

    Minecraft | v89 (Band BBS repost)

    Hi, this thread is a repost of @rpONE in the Band BBS forum. I saw a lot of you guys were requesting for Minecraft theme. But before I started making, I did a little bit of research and found this. I just updated it to v89. I guess now I don't have to actually make it. 😄...

    Tutorial Online watch face packing/unpacking tool

    Here's a new way of unpacking watch face .bin files without actually downloading any tool. (For those who don't want to download any anonymous software on their computer) So, here's the online tool I was talking about... Packing: After you are done editing, you can just simply compress the...

    Watchfaces Red Mania (Watchface)

    Here's the watchface for 'Red Mania'

    Red Mania | v89, v92

    RED Mania is here!!! The default watchfaces are changed. Everything is red. And you can now see red-ish buttons on the pin page (see real-life previews section) as well. 😊 You're welcomed!! Get the 'RED MANIA' watchface! Feel free to report any bug or suggestions.

    BEN 10 | v88..v92

    Hey guys, it's time to turn your mi band 4 into an 'OMNITRIX'!!! Get the Omnitrix watchface Use it with firmware v1.0.9.22 and v1.0.9.30 only DOWNLOAD Feel free to report any bug or give any suggestions about the resource.

    Watchfaces OMNITRIX | Ben 10 (Animated+Non-animated)

    Here's the watchface that's gonna turn your mi band into an Omnitrix... Get the full theme

    RES Iron Man | v49 (Calendar + Picture & torch)

    Hey Guys! I'm back with the 'Iron Man' theme!!! Here are the downloads -(With pictures)...
  10. SARRAF

    Icons for Iron man theme!

    Hey guys, as I'm only able to work on Saturdays and Sundays only, I can't look up a whole lot of icons for my upcoming 'Iron Man Theme' for mi band 3. So, send me whatever icon you want to see in that theme (expected to be related to Iron Man) -You can send pictures for icons and .gif images for...
  11. SARRAF

    Blue Mania | v88 ... v92

    Hello! Here, I'm presenting the 'Blue Mania' resource for crazy blue lovers... (And I'm one of them! 😋) If you wanna get the blue mania watchface also, Click here! [/SPOILER] I can ensure you that almost everything is blue. Explore them by yourself... DOWNLOADS Let me know in the comment...
  12. SARRAF

    Watchfaces Blue Mania - watchface

    Hey guys, enjoy my new 'Blue Mania' watchface. A simple look... 😊 [Note: This watchface is to match with the 'Blue Mania' resource. If you want to get the resource as well, Click...
  13. SARRAF

    Question Alarm is getting disabled itself.

    Hey, I use the 'Mi fit' app and 'Notify and fitness for mi band' together. So, I've set 9 alarms in mi fit. But whenever I flash a new resource or watchface, or somehow I open the 'Notify and fitness for mi band' app, all of the alarms would get disabled and only 3 alarm would show up on the...
  14. SARRAF

    Tutorial How to save proper images for mi band 4 resources.

    'How can you successfully save a png image for your custom resource even if you don't have photoshop?' To create a custom resource for your mi band 4, all of the images in the resource folder must be a png-8 bit. otherwise, you may brick your band. But to save an image in png-8 form, you must...
  15. SARRAF

    S@ Resources v88 (fw v1.0.9.22) [compilation from 'First UI...' to 'Gitch UI v83']

    Customize your mi band 4 with the new firmware update (v1.0.9.22) and enjoy the resource... 😄 This is a compilation of all the mi band 4 resources so far. I haven't created any new animation or icon. But almost everything has a new look than the original resource. If you haven't customized your...
  16. SARRAF

    Watchfaces Energy Fusion (animated)

    Hey, guys enjoy the new Energy-fusion watchface. Be sure to let me know your ideas about new watchfaces...
  17. SARRAF

    Discussion A fake Mi band 3

    Hey guys, I bought a fake mi band 3 for $1! Although I knew that it was fake. 😂 Here is a video It's probably the worst of fake ones...
  18. SARRAF

    Watchfaces Michael Jackson (cartoon) । Non-animation

    Hi Guys, This is my first thread for 'Mi band 4' This resource is mainly created because my younger brother told me to.😊 He's a big fan of Michael Jackson. And we both got mi bad 4 recently. So, he asked for this to customize his mi band...
  19. SARRAF

    Question 😵I'm confused!! How to edit resources?

    I'm getting my mi band 4 soon. So I thought, "Why not learn to make custom resources earlier?" But when I got inside the "GUIDES AND & DISCUSSION" section, I saw so many threads that I feel lost now.😵 someone lead me in the right direction. Please!!! I tried some of those methods. But windows is...
  20. SARRAF

    RES Harry Potter Theme।2020। v49 NFC & non-NFC

    Hey, everybody!! Harry Potter is going to make your mi band 'MAGICAL'. I Have two versions of this resource. The first one is with 2020's calendar, and the second one is with some pictures just like DEADPOOL thread. Actually, I didn't add a new watchface as I did it in a very short time...